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VAPPedu – The Veterans-Marketing Platform

VAPPedu is a Veterans-marketing lead generation tool that drives growth in military student enrollment because only VAPPedu provides an education marketplace dedicated to helping educators, service members, Veterans, and family members share and find Veteran-specific information about educational opportunities.


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Providing an Education Marketplace

VAPPedu is where Veterans and their families find educational opportunities. VAPPedu allows schools, apprenticeships, and technical trades to promote their Veteran-friendly programs to our targeted audience of service members, Veterans and their family members. In other terms, VAPPedu is the Veterans-marketing platform for your student outreach program.

With a monthly subscription, you can customize your school, apprenticeship, or technical trades overview description and contact information content. You can create social engagement with interactive social media buttons and even provide prospective Veteran students with a Contact Us web form. You can also “show off” what makes your campus so great by uploading campus landmarks and program photos in a Virtual Tour displayed on your “paid” VAPPedu listing.


Onboarding Checklists and Resources

Veterans appreciate checklists. With your paid subscription, The VAPPedu Checklist displays on your listings page to help Veteran students and family members navigate and understand their GI Bill benefits. VAPPedu also displays VA Resources as a shortcut to federal Veterans Affairs documentation, tips, and tricks.

Speaking of checklists, we know that most institutes of higher learning have their own way of onboarding and welcoming new students. So…with your monthly subscription we provide you the ability to create your own Custom Checklist.  You can customize your checklist to help prospective students navigate your admissions process and get connected to on-campus support. You can also modify who you connect prospective students to as well as the information you present. Downloadable applications and forms are also included with your paid subscription. Your Customized Checklist is designed to improve the navigation process for Veterans and their families, ultimately shortening the enrollment process.

Tracking Outreach Efforts

Like you, we love data. Your monthly subscription includes VAPPedu Outreach Reports so you can track and monitor your VAPPedu student outreach efforts. We also include a Cost Per Lead Report so you determine the value of your subscription (we know its value, but we want you to know its value too).  And we are standing by, ready to assist. Email and phone support is included in your monthly subscription fee.

With VAPPedu’s web-based features, your monthly subscription includes:

  • A school resource listing in VAPPedu
  • Unlimited Admin accounts to manage your content
  • Customized school contact information
  • Interactive social media buttons
  • Contact Us web form
  • Virtual Tour of campus landmark images
  • The VAPPedu Checklist
  • A custom school checklist
  • Downloadable applications or forms



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Not ready for a paid subscription? Check out our Basic Free Plan that allows you to add or verify your school’s Resource Listing in VAPPedu. You can customized school contact information, display your social media accounts display, and upgrade anytime to Student Outreach Plan.

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